Band Bio: Garbage

Garbage is back to making music, back on the road – and for one member, back

The members of Garbage don’t really feel like retreading history. And honestly,
there’s no reason to. They’re on to bigger and better things. (But to sum it up,
they quit, decided to focus on life outside the band, got bored, got the itch to
make music again, and got back together.)

Now, they’re the proud parents of a new album, Not Your Kind of People,
released May 15. Recorded in a small studio in Los Angeles, the band’s latest
endeavor was self-released on their new record label, STUNVOLUME.

The members of Garbage attribute the album’s title to their “outsider status.”
From the hipster scene to the electronica style, they don’t feel particularly
connected to anyone–and they like it that way.

And frankly, we do too.

We’re looking forward to seeing Garbage back in action at Maha.

Did you know?

A Garbage founder’s Nebraska roots

Duke Erikson, one of Garbage’s founding members, was born in Lyons,
Nebraska. His very first band, The British, entertained Lyons residents at local
dances and high-school events. Erikson went on to study art history at Wayne
State, where he taught drawing.

Erikson first made a name for himself when he joined the Madison-based band Spooner in 1974.

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