Calling all Maha volunteers!

Maybe you volunteered last year and had an amazing time participating in the festival from a completely new, hands-on perspective. Or maybe you were merely an attendee and spent the day eying the t-shirted Maha volunteers with envy, whispering quietly to yourself, “Next year, I’ll be one of them.”

Either way, this is your chance.

Starting at noon this Sunday, June 24th, you can sign up to volunteer through the Volunteer link on the Maha Music Festival web site. We’ll just ask for some basic information. Then you can choose your job and your shift for the August 11 festival.

Volunteers get a free Maha t-shirt and a ticket to the show, which means you’ll be seeing (or hearing, depending on your station) the entire Maha lineup for free! Positions fill up fast (you can understand why), so when Sunday rolls around, sign up early. We look forward to having you on board.

The Maha Crew

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