Maha tattoos have been a hit (and it’s not too late to get yours).

The offer from Oxide Design Co.:
Agree to get a tattoo of the Maha “blackbird” logo and it’s yours for free, along with two free tickets to the August 11th festival.

The response:
Overwhelming, to say the least.

In all, 34 Maha fans responded to the offer, which began as a Facebook post, and agreed to get inked. The number far exceeded Oxide’s projection of just a couple participants, with willing responders jumping on the free tattoos almost immediately.

Oxide made no stipulations regarding where on the body the tattoo must be located. So those closest to Maha were even more surprised when people started tattooing the blackbird proudly and prominently on their necks, upper chest area, legs and arms. One man got a blackbird tattooed on each of his forearms. Black Squirrel Tattoo in Omaha, a neighbor to Oxide’s office, has been doing the tattoos.

Due to the overwhelming response, the initial tattoo promotion is now officially sold out. But have no fear: You can still get a tattoo and two tickets to Maha, a $220 value, for just $40.

Black Squirrel Tattoo is located at 4001 Farnam Street.

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