Saturday, August 16th

- Omaha, Nebraska - Stinson Park - Noon to Midnight

Snapshots from MAHA Music Festival

Death Cab for Cutie

By their seventh studio album, many bands are running out of creative steam and original ideas. But in the case of Death Cab for Cutie, nothing could be further from the truth. Codes and Keys is singular in the quartet’s catalog when it comes to sonic exploration and lyrical ambition. If anything, the band has never sounded more excited to experiment with textures, words, sounds and even the process of recording itself. …more >


The Head and the Heart

It wasn’t that long ago that the members of Seattle’s The Head and the Heart were busking on street corners, strumming their acoustic guitars, stomping their feet and singing in harmony as they attempted to attract the attention of passersby. …more >


Local Natives

Los Angeles’ Local Natives will release their sophomore album, entitled Hummingbird, on Frenchkiss Records/Infectious Music on January 29th, 2013 (out in Europe January 28th). …more >


The Both

Collectively and individually, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have more years of musical experience under their belts than most. You might call them “lifers.” But they were first drawn into each others circles by the late, great Scott Miller …more >



All seven members of Doomtree have built solo careers as rappers, producers, or DJs. (Roster cheat sheet: P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger.) Individually these artists receive press from outlets like The York Times, NPR, Spin, Rolling Stone …more >


The Envy Corps

The Envy Corps’ indie quasi-anthems, filled with galvanizing arrangements and elasticized melodies have garnered the Des Moines band the affection of the attentive Midwest and fans internationally. …more >



Radkey is a punk band from St. Joseph, Missouri that is made up of three brothers. Dee the lead guitarist and vocalist is into learning to read and write Japanese, watching anime and enjoys books by Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Edgar Rice Burroughs. …more >



Just a few months removed from their eponymous debut album, Twinsmith is back with Honestly, the band’s new 7” (out November 19th on Saddle Creek). Though Jordan Smith (vocals/guitar) and Matt Regner (guitar/keys) have been playing together since 2007, only recently did they form Twinsmith. …more >


Matt Whipkey

Penny Park is a not a real person. Peony Park was a very real place. In the narrative world of Omaha, NE: Summer 1989, the former spent a great deal of time at the latter. This is an album about transition – teenager to taxpayer, park to parking lot and our definitions drawn in the details.

More than a long-gone multi-purpose entertainment facility, Peony Park left an indelible mark on the city of Omaha, NE. …more >



M34N STR33T (pronounced Mean Street) is a Producer/Rapper/DJ tri-force bringing you sample based beats and rhymes from Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. We’ve got Conny Franko AKA Conchance on the mic, Haunted Gauntlet on the visuals/production/live beats, and DJ Really Real on the wheels of steel. …more >

Snapshots from MAHA Music Festival

The Festival

Maha is a nonprofit music festival organized and run by volunteers, and brought to you through the support of our many wonderful sponsors. We created Maha for community-building, not for profit. The idea of a homegrown music festival had been around for years, but finally found the right group of volunteers in 2009. If you share our passion, we invite you to attend, become a volunteer and/or share your ideas with us for making Maha bigger and better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Maha Music Festival?

Maha is a day long music festival on Saturday, August 16, 2014, bringing together national, regional and local indie and rock artists for a day of food, community and, of course, music.

Where can I park?

Aksarben Village has reserved both a parking garage and a large parking lot for the exclusive use of Maha attendees so there will be plenty of space for everyone (see picture above). And the best part, it’s free.

What is weather like in mid-August?

The average high temperature in Omaha in August is 85 degrees with light humidity and light winds. We recommend you bring sunblock, even if it’s a little overcast early in the day. Midwest weather is known for its quick shifts! Sunset will be at 8:30 p.m. on August 16th.

What if it rains?

We have no control over how wildly you spend your money at the strip club, but Maha will continue rain or shine. No refunds.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, anyone with a ticket is welcome to join the fun. All ages are welcome! Things might get a bit rowdy up front, and as a general rule, the area directly in front of the stage is rarely kid-friendly. However, there’s plenty of space for everyone in much calmer areas. Children ages 10 and under do not need a ticket as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

What can I bring?

Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed, tents are not. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and/or visors are suggested to let you enjoy the day without any sun-related discomfort. We reserve the right to inspect all bags, purses, backpacks, etc. before allowing entry to the Festival. And, no, couches are not allowed. Seriously.

Can I bring a cooler?

You can not. No outside food or drink will be allowed.

What food and drink will be available?

There will be a wide variety of local food & drink.

Will cameras or recorders be allowed?

Small or disposable cameras will be allowed. Professional cameras will NOT be allowed. Essentially, if it has a removable lens, it’s a no go. Video and audiotaping are NOT allowed.

What about event security?

Event security will be located throughout the grounds for the entire duration of the event. If you have an emergency, find a staff person with a radio, go to an information or medical tent, or tell one of the security personnel.

Rules and Regulations

  • Unauthorized vending is not permitted.
  • No illegal drugs, weapons, or fireworks are allowed on the festival grounds.
  • CONCEALED WEAPONS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Violators will be ejected from the facility and subject to prosecution under local, state, and federal laws.
  • Underage drinking is strictly prohibited.
  • Park only in designated parking areas.
    If your vehicle is found in an unauthorized area it will be towed.
  • No glass please.
  • Respect the environment.
    Please use trash and recycling bags provided by the festival.
  • Please listen to and respect all staff members, whether it is a parking attendant or a police officer. Your safety and well-being is their #1 concern.
  • Finally, the most important rule of all: The Golden Rule. Please be respectful of your neighbors and consider their comfort.
Snapshots from MAHA Music Festival